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Post a Crypto Job
for free

We built CoinMarketList Jobs because we believe decentralised, trust-less and transparent systems have the potential to make the world a better place. ​

Why CoinMarketList

Crypto People

From engineers to accountants, product managers to community managers, everyone on CoinMarketList is interested in Crypto Space

Free Job Listing*

We know that you are a startup, so are we. You can select the Free Plan for Job listing. All you have to so it give us a shout-out on twitter and we do the same.​

Quality & Quantity​

From engineers to accountants, product managers to community managers, everyone on CoinMarketList is interested in Crypto Space

Featured Jobs

Get you job featured on the home and other high traffic sections for more visibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. No spam on the platform

Employers: Only post jobs that you are actively hiring.

Candidates: Please apply after going through the Job Description.

Don’t use job listings or applications to advertise:

        • any type of commercial products or services
        • any type links such as affiliate, or referral marketing links
        • training programs – even if they end in a position
        • investment opportunities
        • incubator or accelerator programs
        • any other activity that isn’t specifically job related

2. No middlemen are welcomed at CoinMarketList.

  • The platform is developed so that companies and candidates can directly discover each other as well connect
  • This includes contingency posts, any third party recruiters, as well as recruiting platforms.
  • Don’t post jobs, apply to jobs, source or contact candidates on behalf of other people or companies.

3. Be Transparent

  • Jobs should list real compensation for currently open positions at active companies – nothing dependent on future funding.
  • No concealing of important company information.
  • Candidates and companies should accurately represent themselves – we may suspend access or even remove profile if necessary.
  • Companies can’t charge application fees to candidates or require any kind of 3rd party site signup.

4. Be professional.

  • Treat candidates, companies, and the CoinMarketList team with respect.
  • Don’t try to get around these rules or our terms of service
    Violators may be permanently banned, potentially without warning.

You can get started by registering on CoinMarketList. If you haven’t already, you’ll be prompted to create your profile before you can apply for the job.

Once you have a talent profile, visit the jobs page. There you can set different filters for things like role, location, salary offered, or other criteria and you’ll see a list of the blockchain and cryptocurrency jobs posted that meet them. You can apply with or without writing a note to the company.

Depending on your settings, companies can also contact you. If you’re interested in talking to each other, you’ll get a notification and receive an email introducing you.


CoinMarketList was developed with the vision of a platform exclusively for the blockchain and the crypto community.


Simply, go to add listing and post your job. Once you job post goes live candidates will discover the job and apply.


Once you submit the job posting our team reviews and if everything is fine then it goes live on the platform.

Generally, it takes around 24 hours to get published. 


Once the job is approved you will receive an email confirming the same.


It’s free to post a job, source candidates and hire on CoinMarketList Talent.


On CoinMarketList, we encourage companies to include salary ranges so candidates can discover jobs based on their preferences. Jobs that are posted without salary ranges do not show up in search filters when job seekers filter for new opportunities on CoinMarketList.


You will be notified via email.


Blockchain and crypto companies are ranked on several algorithmic factors — the quality of your company profile, your level of activity, and how candidates respond to your company.

If you’d like to increase your visibility, you should:

  1. Make sure your profile is filled out completely. Add compelling screenshots to your company profile.
  2. Add products, events, press releases etc. to your company profile
  3. Be descriptive and persuasive in your job listings and descriptions. Fill out all the sections on your jobs page so that candidates have as much information as possible.
  4. Use CoinMarketList regularly. Be responsive to all candidates who reach out to you.
  5. Lastly, get in touch with us  to promote jobs that show up at the top of new jobs searches.

Just go to your dashboard and select the listing and choose the option that you want to do.


In an effort to help candidates discover a job and the perfect blockchain startup, one of our goals is to provide job seekers with the latest and most relevant jobs related to their search. We look to search and aggregate jobs from all over the web because the information is useful for the candidates.

This ultimately provides wider visibility to your job postings and helps you fill the positions faster. Job seekers who apply will be sent directly to application form link.

Note: that if you make any changes to the job on its original source, including removing the job, the change will be reflected on CoinMarketList shortly thereafter. If there are jobs listed on CoinMarketList that you feel should be removed, please contact us with your request to remove these jobs.